How You Can Make Your AC System Last Longer in Pelham, AL?

Your Pelham, AL, home stays cool and comfortable during the summer thanks to your air conditioner. Like any other part of your home, your AC system won’t last forever, but there are different things you can do to extend its lifecycle before you have to replace it and spend all the money involved with doing so. Find out specific steps you can take that help your AC system last longer so you have more time to save up for the next installation you buy.

Remembering Filter Changes

Regular filter changes keep them from winding up clogged with particulates, contaminants, dirt, dust and debris that slow down air circulation and movement throughout your home. It’s one of the simplest steps you can take to not only keep your air conditioner running longer but also improve its efficiency while saving money on your utility bills. Consult your service technician about how often you need to change it, but plan on doing it anywhere from every 30 to 90 days based on your home’s occupants and needs.

Scheduling Annual Servicing

Yearly maintenance calls are a good idea. These calls reduce the odds of a breakdown when there’s a heat wave, and you’ll also extend your AC system life and keep your power bill down. Spring or early summer is a great time for an annual call before the hottest months, but you might want another visit in the fall to help the AC system recuperate and winterize it.

Ensuring Adequate Air Circulation

Your air conditioner pumps cooled air throughout your home, but efficient operation needs effective airflow to make this happen. Obstructions make the AC system work harder and wear down faster, so make sure your vents are open and free for circulation. Likewise, ensure that your outdoor unit is free of obstructions or plants that might restrict the airflow immediately around the equipment.

Investing in a Programmable Thermostat

If you didn’t learn how to do it when you first had the AC installation, then learn how to program your thermostat for utmost control and efficiency. The right settings can minimize how much energy you go through and how much work your air conditioner has to do. Turn the thermostat up several degrees when no one is at home for savings on your energy bills. Investing in a smart thermostat helps you do this more easily with remote control.

Cleaning Around the Outdoor Unit

Your outdoor unit has a lot of physical protection built into it already, but you still need to clean it occasionally. Anything outside gets dirty, so clean off debris, such as leaves, dirt and dust. Clean units have lower chances of mechanical issues over time. Make sure animals aren’t accessing the unit or calling it home in any way.

Using Ceiling and Portable Fans

When the weather is mild enough, run fans indoors to reduce the overall HVAC workload. A good fan can make most rooms feel up to 8 degrees cooler due to the evaporative effect on your skin. Portable fans are great in rooms that anyone is currently in, and ceiling fans can help cool down an entire room. You might even occasionally turn off the AC system and use window fans for some fresh air.

Giving Your AC System a Break

If you want to help prevent breakdowns, give your AC system an actual break. Constant operation wears it down faster, so just turn it off when you can afford to do so and still stay comfortable. The best time to do this might be when no one is home, but make sure the air conditioner is on a safe setting for any pets you might have at home.

Filter changes, cleanings and proper thermostat use are all steps you can take to help your AC system last longer and save you money over time. Regular maintenance and service calls also help extend the lifecycle of your air conditioner. Contact Air Experts for all your home’s air conditioning needs.

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