Why Is My AC System So Noisy in Birmingham, AL?

You’re probably used to enjoying the nice cool air your air conditioner provides quietly and efficiently. What does it mean, then, when you suddenly start hearing unusual sounds coming from your AC system? Let’s take a look at some of the most common reasons your AC system is so noisy in Birmingham, AL.

Humming Sound

A humming sound that’s louder and sharper than what most AC systems produce is most often due to a faulty contactor relay switch. This switch powers on the outdoor component of your system when your thermostat signals it to start.

A contactor relay switch issue is an electrical problem. This issue will cause serious damage to your system unless a trained HVAC service technician repairs it.

Rattling Sound

Many times, a rattling sound comes from something as simple as leaves or twigs trapped in the outdoor condenser unit. You can easily fix this by taking the grill off and removing the troublesome items. However, this type of noise is also heard when an electrical contactor becomes damaged inside the system, requiring repairs by a licensed service technician.

Buzzing Sound

A buzzing sound coming from your AC system may be a warning signal that there’s a serious problem with the fan in the condenser unit, such as loose or out-of-balance fan blades or a faulty motor. This sound may also indicate that the condenser coils need cleaning or that there’s a blockage close to your unit’s copper lines. Another serious possibility is a refrigeration leak.

Banging Sound

Hearing a banging noise coming from your AC system is most often an indication that there’s an issue with the compressor. When a central air conditioning system ages, compressor parts can become loose and cause banging, rattling sounds.

Our Experts Can Fix Your Noisy AC System

If you notice these or any other strange sounds coming from yourAC system, our fully trained and licensed professionals will provide you with the very best service to correct the problem. Contact Air Experts and let us keep the air conditioner in your Birmingham, AL, home or business in top-notch working order.

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