Furnace On the Fritz? Schedule a Repair ASAP!

Do you operate a furnace to heat your house during the winter? Ensuring your furnace runs efficiently and safely is vital to protecting your health, securing your whole-home comfort and minimizing the cost of your heating bills. Here are four warning signs that you need to schedule a furnace repair for your Birmingham, AL, home immediately:

Yellow Pilot Light

Combustion-based furnaces that use oil or gas have a pilot light that should burn blue when operating. If your oil or gas furnace has a pilot light that’s burning yellow or orange, it’s probably leaking carbon monoxide. Shut the system off, exit the property and schedule a furnace repair immediately. Only reenter your house once you know it’s safe.

Burning Smells

Whether it’s coming from the kitchen or your furnace, a burning smell never indicates anything good. If you notice a burning smell around your furnace, there’s likely an electrical problem that needs addressing. Attempting a DIY furnace is dangerous. Trying to fix an electrical issue can result in a fire, more system damage or even death.

Banging Noises

Your furnace likely makes a slight humming sound as it turns on and off and operates. That’s the only sound your furnace should make, though. If you hear banging, grinding or squealing noises coming from your furnace, turn it off and seek professional assistance. The underlying issue might need a minor furnace repair or a major replacement.

Frequent Cycling

HVAC systems run in cycles. Your furnace should turn on and off three or four times per hour and run for 15- to 20-minute cycles. If your furnace doesn’t turn on or cycles frequently, you’ll need a repair to fix the problem. Continuing to operate a furnace that cycles frequently will increase your heating bills and strain the system.

Is your furnace not functioning as you expect? Contact Air Experts to schedule a repair immediately. A malfunctioning furnace poses a threat to your family’s health and safety. Minimize that risk by calling us.

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