Don’t Repair Your Own Heat Pump in Hoover, AL

Hoover, AL, has the perfect climate for year-round heat pump use. According to the United States Department of Energy (DOE), heat pumps can provide up to three times as much heat energy as they consume in electric energy. However, to enjoy optimum performance and safety, you should never try to repair your heat pump on your own.

Troubleshooting vs. Repairing

Homeowners can certainly troubleshoot their own heat pumps. Troubleshooting is a series of actions that consumers take to locate the source of the problem. They include changing air filters, removing obstructions from in front of air vents and checking for the correct thermostat settings.

Fixing a heat pump involves opening equipment housing, tampering with moving parts and removing, replacing or tightening components. These more complex projects require model-specific training and skills.

DIY Repairs Could Compromise Your Warranty

Do-it-yourself repairs could compromise your heat pump’s manufacturer’s warranty. While active, this warranty will cover the costs of all problems resulting from defective parts, incorrect or incomplete assembly, and other manufacturing-related issues.

Trying to perform quick fixes yourself can cause manufacturers to void this coverage outright. If they don’t, it can still lead to frustrating claims delays or denials. Along with routine heat pump maintenance, professional repairs are essential for warranty compliance.

Save Money With Professional Heat Pump Repair

You may end up paying less to have a professional diagnose and resolve your heat pump issues. You won’t have to worry about figuring out the right specifications for replacement parts, faulty diagnostics or incorrectly installed parts.

Avoid Potentially Fatal Injuries

HVAC installers hardwire heat pumps directly into residential electrical systems. Having professionals repair this equipment greatly minimizes the risks of electric shock and potentially fatal electrocution.

DIY Repairs Can Decrease Your Heat Pump’s Efficiency

Heat pumps tend to last longer when they receive prompt and effective repairs. They also run at higher levels of efficiency. Having our seasoned HVAC service technicians take care of your repair projects could lead to lower heating and cooling bills as well as more time to budget and prepare for future HVAC replacements.

We help homeowners keep their HVAC equipment in top condition. If you need heat pump service in Hoover, AL, get in touch with Air Experts today.

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