3 Signs You Need AC Repairs in Hoover, AL

With spring’s arrival, the weather in Hoover, AL, is warming up. As such, your air conditioner will become increasingly important in the coming months. There’s hardly a worse time to deal with surprise air conditioning breakdowns, so it’s best to see trouble coming. Here are three signs that you probably need AC repairs:

Rising Power Bills

If your AC system is in good shape, it should meet a consistent standard of efficiency. Even with your increased air conditioning usage, your utility bills should stay close to their normal levels. If your bills increase significantly, there’s probably something wrong with your AC system.

Short-Cycling AC System

Short cycling is when your AC system shuts off before it can properly cool your home and then suddenly turns back on. This repetitive and abnormal behavior may damage your AC system’s components if it persists, and its mere existence is already a sign of severe trouble.

Many things might cause an AC system to begin short cycling, including dirty air filters that block airflow, a low level of refrigerant and a failing compressor. The first of these is something that you can fix on your own if you simply remember to change the filters once every 30-90 days. An HVAC service technician may take care of the second problem during routine maintenance, and the third problem will demand extensive AC repairs.

Strange Noises or Smells

Your ears and nose are among the most powerful tools at your disposal to ferret out issues with your AC system. If something either sounds or smells unusual, we strongly advise you to request professional help. Each sound and smell has its own meaning, though.

For example, hissing and bubbling sounds generally point to moisture buildup, and a sweet or ether-like smell means that you probably have a refrigerant leak. Buzzing or vibrating noises might mean that some kinds of electrical issues plague your system, as does the presence of a burning odor.

If you stay vigilant for signs like these, you’ll be able to fix your air conditioner and let it serve you through the spring and summer in Hoover, AL. Call Air Experts and schedule AC repair services today.

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