4 Reasons to Invest in Fall Heat Pump Maintenance in Pelham, AL

Make sure your heat pump is ready for the upcoming chillier temperatures by scheduling expert maintenance. An annual tuneup will decrease your risk of a breakdown and boost your system’s essential energy efficiency. You’ll enjoy these amazing benefits when you schedule professional maintenance for your heat pump in Pelham, AL, this fall:

Better Indoor Air Quality

A maintenance appointment includes inspecting your system for damage and cleaning filth. Dirt and grime will accumulate in your heat pump’s nooks and crannies over time, which can decrease your air quality and worsen your health. Calling in a professional to routinely clean your system’s vital components will keep your ductwork and home’s air supply cleaner and healthier.

Increased Energy Efficiency

Without regular maintenance, your heat pump will use more energy to maintain your home’s temperature. A quick tuneup gives an expert service technician the chance to lubricate moving parts, test safety features, tighten connections and improve airflow. Ensuring your heat pump is in the best condition possible lengthens its lifespan and keeps your heating bills lower.

Fewer Heat Pump Repairs

Without maintenance, small issues can develop into large, expensive repairs. Tuneups include thorough inspections of your system that will catch minor problems before they spread and affect more of the heat pump. Regularly monitoring your system’s components will also greatly minimize the chances of a sudden breakdown.

Protect Your HVAC Warranty

When you purchase a new heat pump, you’ll receive a manufacturer’s warranty that can cover the cost of eligible repair and maintenance services. These warranties often last around 10 years but can become void if you don’t follow their policies. Many of them require annual or biannual maintenance to protect your system’s health.

This season, give yourself the gift of peace of mind by scheduling a fall heat pump maintenance appointment. Contact Air Experts to learn more about our comprehensive heat pump tuneups that we perform in Pelham, AL.

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